Pictures of this genre have never been on the product list. However, as it turned out, many were created. It's not just artists and models. They are also friends, colleagues, acquaintances....

    Portraire, from the Old French, means to reproduce something very accurately


    is a genre of fine art, an artistic image of a person or group of people. With a certain degree of interpretation, a portrait is a repetition in plastic forms, lines and colours of the visual characteristics of a particular person or persons. The main focus of attention is usually the face, its features and expression. In addition to the head and shoulders, the body may be depicted, partially or completely.
Portraits are a family heirloom, a quiet delight, an effect of presence and mental conversation, and, ultimately, an exquisite decor.
They appeared in the studio from the very beginning, in different ways and not always expected. Sometimes in the course of character development. Sometimes after the fact, based on a good shot and graphics. And sometimes because it was the right moment...

Since portraits are still "emerging" to this day, I have to be more thorough about it. We use location, props, surreal lighting to achieve a special reality. Creative techniques are diverse, no one is held hostage to equipment or dogma. It can be digital printing, oil painting, a combination of the two or something else

1. Image creation/processing (concept, digital file)
The cost is determined by the working time (including shooting time) and related expenses (costume, props, etc.).

2. Apply the image to the surface (canvas on a stretcher).
Cost by size:
0 cm
0 cm2

at 0.05 euro per sq. cm.

The picture can be framed in a baguette

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