The studio is engaged in the creation of multimedia — graphic and video images, their combination and presentation

AniGraph is a design / staging workshop. Through drawing, modeling, staging, generating and, of course, filming, the imaginary becomes real, from simple graphics to multimedia creations. We create images that live on screens

    In the early 90s in Lviv, fans of music, photography, animation and cinema turned their hobby into a profession. We started with 16 mm film, in particular with frame-by-frame filming. The first TV hit parades determined the demand for music videos. In 1994, the only "non-linear" video studio in the city started working on the basis of the "Anigraph" enterprise. In most clips, a synthesis of live shooting and computer graphics was used.
    Since 1997, divisions have been distinguished: production of visual advertising, graphic design, model and choreography school. The art of the show improved, from local fashion shows and concerts to the theatrical Leopolis festival, a large-scale and unusual event at the time. Productions from the studio are usually a combination of stage action and multimedia.

The studio, a dynamic creative community, solves tasks regardless of geography.
Organizer of audiovisual production — Nikola

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